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D449 (1)
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D449 (1)
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OEM Car Accessories Hot Selling Auto Brake Pads for Hyundai (D449/5810129A20) Ceramic and Semi-Metal Material


We provides multiple Metallic, Semi-Metallic, Ceramic materials for customers’ choice, based on different market and different types of cars.

With the experience technical team, we also developed different compounds for RACING applications.

Product MOQ

If need to open a new mold, MOQ 100 sets

For brake pads in stock, the MOQ is 1 sets

For customized orders, the MOQ is 100 sets each number

Free Sample Policy

1 SETS of FREE Sample is available, shipping cost is requested

Products Categories
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Cross Reference

FMSI-VERBAND : D449/D700/D747/D887  FERODO : FDB1737  Hi-Q : SP1111/SP1048  MK Kashiyama : D1142M/D11053M/D11095MH

Compatible OE part numbers

4813005010 DAEWOO 5810138A40 HYUNDAI
4813005011 DAEWOO 5810138A50 HYUNDAI
4813005012 DAEWOO 5810138A60 HYUNDAI
5810117A00 HYUNDAI AL004M1167 HYUNDAI
5810128A20 HYUNDAI 5810108A01 HYUNDAI (BEIJING)
5810129A00 HYUNDAI 5810129B00 KIA
5810129A10 HYUNDAI 581013CA20 KIA
5810129A20 HYUNDAI 58101M2A02 KIA
5810129A30 HYUNDAI 58101M2A04 KIA
5810129A31 HYUNDAI 410600C890 NISSAN
5810129A40 HYUNDAI 410603C490 NISSAN
5810129A50 HYUNDAI 4106047R91 NISSAN
5810129A70 HYUNDAI 4106048R91 NISSAN
5810129A80 HYUNDAI 4106048R92 NISSAN
5810129A90 HYUNDAI 41060 79E91 NISSAN
5810129B00 HYUNDAI 41060 79E92 NISSAN
5810129B10 HYUNDAI 5810128A00 NISSAN
581012DA20 HYUNDAI 5810133C00 NISSAN
5810134A10 HYUNDAI AY040NS022 NISSAN
5810134A20 HYUNDAI AY040NS034 NISSAN
5810134A21 HYUNDAI AY040NS823 NISSAN
5810135A10 HYUNDAI D10603C490 NISSAN
5810138A00 HYUNDAI D106079E92 NISSAN
5810138A20 HYUNDAI D106MS2526 NISSAN
5810138A30 HYUNDAI 4813005000 SSANGYONG
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