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Jiulong Brake produce high quality with premium brake parts that can provide you an excellent and comfortable feeling when braking. Whether passenger car brake pads and shoes or commercial vehicle brake pads, we are all realiable producer,who can also make your own brand to help you establish your own bussiness plan.



Please select from the following materials,Jiulong Brake Direct can help you select the formula that best suits your market in terms of materials.

Ceramic Material Brake Pad

Ceramic brake pads feature a composition of ceramic fibers and non-ferrous materials, providing enhanced heat dissipation ...

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Semi-Metallic Material Brake Pad

Semi-metallic brake pads combine metal fibers with friction materials, ensuring robust stopping power, effective heat dissipation ...

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Metallic Material Brake Pad

Metallic brake pads utilize metal compounds for strong, consistent braking, high heat tolerance, and durability.

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We have nearly 2,000 models, we believe that you can always find one that suits your needs

Brake Pads for Toyota/Hyundai

Tailored fit, reliable performance, perfect for Japanese cars and Korean cars.

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Brake Pads for Benz/Bmw/Audi/Land Rover

Precision crafted for Luxury cars excellence.

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Brake Pads for New Energy Electric Vehicle

Optimized for efficient, eco-friendly braking performance.

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Drum Brake Shoes

Essential for drum brake systems, ensuring reliable stopping.

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Brake Pads for Commercial Cars

Durable, stable, and tailored for heavy-duty braking needs.

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