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Semi-metallic Material Brake Pad

Semi-metallic brake pads originated as an improvement over traditional asbestos pads. Comprising metal fibers (like copper or steel) and friction-enhancing materials, they provide excellent braking performance, heat dissipation, and durability. Semi-metallic pads are versatile, suitable for various driving conditions, making them a common choice in automotive applications.

Semi-metallic Material Brake Pad Professional Factory in China
The most widely applicable and the most popular recommendation

Premium Semi-metallic Material Brake pads

Premium Semi-metallic Material Brake pads1
Premium Semi-metallic Material Brake pads2
Premium Semi-metallic Material Brake pads1


Enhanced Braking Power:Improved stopping performance due to the inclusion of metal fibers.

Heat Dissipation:Better ability to handle and disperse heat, reducing brake fade under high-stress conditions.

Durable Composition:Blend of metal compounds ensures longevity and resistance to wear, extending pad lifespan.

Versatility and Performance Consistency:Reliable performance across diverse driving conditions, making them a versatile choice for various vehicles and driving styles.

Why is semi-metallic the most widely applicable formula? Because it achieves the best overall performance at the most economical price, and can be used in the after-sales market for the longest time.

Performance of semi-metallic brake pad
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