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Jiulong Brake at The MIMS Automobility Exhibition 2023

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The four-day Russia (Moscow) International Automobile Parts

On August 21, 2023, the four-day Russia (Moscow) International Automobile Parts and After-sales Service Exhibition (MIMS Automobility Moscow) grandly opened at the IEC EXPOCENTRE International Exhibition Center in Moscow, Russia.
As a professional supplier of brake parts, we’re excited to unveil our latest products and connect with industry leaders at this prestigious event.Our team will provide the most appropriate solutions based on your specific needs to optimize the problems you encounter in brand sales.
Come by our booth, say hello. We look forward to welcoming you to a showcase of innovation and performance. See you there!

Picture of Sun Shuangdong

Sun Shuangdong

Mr. Sun entered the friction material industry in 1992 and insisted on independent research and development. We have provided customized services to more than 100 customers in more than 10 countries. The diversification of our formula system has enabled us to gain recognition from many customers.

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