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D537 (2)
D537 (2)

Hot Selling High Quality Ceramic Auto Brake Pads for Byd Great Wall Haval Honda (D537/43022-TR0-A00) Rear Axle Auto Parts


We provides multiple Metallic, Semi-Metallic, Ceramic materials for customers’ choice, based on different market and different types of cars.

With the experience technical team, we also developed different compounds for RACING applications.

Product MOQ

If need to open a new mold, MOQ 100 sets

For brake pads in stock, the MOQ is 1 sets

For customized orders, the MOQ is 100 sets each number

Free Sample Policy

1 SETS of FREE Sample is available, shipping cost is requested

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Cross Reference

FMSI-VERBAND : D537/D365  FERODO : FDB956  Hi-Q : SP1368  MK Kashiyama : D5046M

Compatible OE part numbers

43022SEPC01 ACURA 43022SV4G00 HONDA
43022SY8A02 ACURA 43022SV4G01 HONDA
06430S0AJ00 HONDA 43022SV4G02 HONDA
06430S2A000 HONDA 43022SV4G20 HONDA
06430S2AE50 HONDA 43022SV4G21 HONDA
06430S5AJ00 HONDA 43022SV4G22 HONDA
06430S6DE50 HONDA 43022SV4G23 HONDA
06430S84A00 HONDA 43022SY8A00 HONDA
43022S0A000 HONDA 43022SY8A01 HONDA
43022S2A010 HONDA 43022SY8E50 HONDA
43022S5AE50 HONDA 43022SZ3E50 HONDA
43022S5AJ00 HONDA 43022SZTG01 HONDA
43022S5AJ01 HONDA 43022TDJ000 HONDA
43022S6D000 HONDA 43022TF2G00 HONDA
43022S6DE50 HONDA 43022TM8G00 HONDA
43022S6DE51 HONDA 43022TM8G01 HONDA
43022S84A10 HONDA 43022TR0A00 HONDA
43022S84A50 HONDA 43022TR0A01 HONDA
43022S84A51 HONDA 43022TR0E00 HONDA
43022SED000 HONDA 45022SN7000 HONDA
43022SEDE50 HONDA 5580080J10 HONDA
43022SG0000 HONDA H4302S5A003 HONDA
43022SG0010 HONDA H4302SM4003 HONDA
43022SG0020 HONDA H4302SV4003 HONDA
43022SG0G00 HONDA 586000975 ISUZU
43022SG0G01 HONDA 5860009750 ISUZU
43022SG0G02 HONDA 586011847 ISUZU
43022SG0G03 HONDA 5860118470 ISUZU
43022SL5000 HONDA 586012604 ISUZU
43022SL5505 HONDA 586014313 ISUZU
43022SL5525 HONDA 5860143130 ISUZU
43022SM4505 HONDA 586014813 ISUZU
43022SM4515 HONDA 5860148130 ISUZU
43022SM4525 HONDA 586015195 ISUZU
43022SM4950 HONDA 5860151950 ISUZU
43022SM4G00 HONDA 5860197370 ISUZU
43022SM5A00 HONDA SFP000080 MG
43022SN7000 HONDA AY060HN003 NISSAN
43022SN7E50 HONDA GBP90331 ROVER
43022SP0000 HONDA GBP90339 ROVER
43022SP0020 HONDA GBP90339AF ROVER
43022SP0030 HONDA SFP100220EVA ROVER
43022SP0E00 HONDA 5580057L00 SUZUKI
43022SP0E01 HONDA 5580057L00000 SUZUKI
43022SP0E02 HONDA 5580057L50 SUZUKI
43022SP0E03 HONDA 5580057L50000 SUZUKI
43022SV4000 HONDA 5580057L51 SUZUKI
43022SV4010 HONDA 5580057L51000 SUZUKI
43022SV4020 HONDA 5580057L52 SUZUKI
43022SV4030 HONDA 5580080J00 SUZUKI
43022SV4A00 HONDA 5580080J00000 SUZUKI
43022SV4A01 HONDA 5580080J01 SUZUKI
43022SV4A02 HONDA 5580080J01000 SUZUKI
43022SV4A03 HONDA 5580080J04 SUZUKI
43022SV4A21 HONDA 5580080J04000 SUZUKI
43022SV4E50 HONDA  5520056K00R04 SUZUKI (CHANGAN)
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